CivHacks is a hackathon hosted by the Associated Students of the University of

California (ASUC). In 48 hours, CivHacks gives our participants the opportunity to create new applications, websites, or software projects. 

Our focus is on providing a welcoming, engaging, and creative environment to support social good in tech culture. On November 13-14, we're inviting hackers of all levels to build projects that address social good initiatives.

We have 2 different tracks that students will build solutions for: Beginner and Regular Civics, description in detail on our notion


If you are a student, please register for the event here!

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Proposed tangible deliverables for all tracks include but are not limited to:

  • A mobile app, a web app, a design prototype/wireframe, a CAD model, a game, an ML prediction model, or even a realistic drawing/sketch of your solution. Your end-product will be dependent on the type of project you are tackling and the type of solution you want to create!

You will be able to demo/explain your deliverable through:

  • Creating your Devpost submission on our CivHacks Devpost before the hacking period ends (November 14, 2021 4 pm PT) - Submissions can be edited before this time

  • Every submission must include a GitHub link to any code written. Let us know if you have problems with this.

  • Every virtual submission must include a < 5 minute video, explaining the problem, presenting the solution, and demoing any solution features. If you are participating in person, this segment can be done during the allotted judging time.

When submitting your project, the more information you can provide, the better! We recommend documenting your entire project journey from beginning to end, and sharing that information when you submit your project. (OPTIONAL: but highly recommended)

  • E.g. Documentation explaining any working prototypes that tells the story of the project (What is this project about? Why did you decide to work on this project? What does your project do?)

  • We've attached a file upload to the submission form for this

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$3,300 in prizes

First Place Beginner and Regular Hack (2)

This prize is awarded to our top beginner and regular hacks. For more details on the prize checkout our official notion page:

Second Place Beginner and Regular Hack (2)

This prize is awarded to our second place beginner and regular hacks. For more details on the prize checkout our official notion page:

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Scott Seaborn

Scott Seaborn
Campus Privacy Officer, UC Berkeley

Charron Andrus

Charron Andrus
Associate CISO, UC Berkeley

Sheila Baxter Lamb

Sheila Baxter Lamb
Chief of Staff, Kaiser Permanente Digital

Bhargav Sathish

Bhargav Sathish
Innovation Director | Co-Founder, Earth Hacks

Judging Criteria

  • Problem Statement & Analysis
    Is the problem specific, relevant, and does it address an important societal issue? Are stakeholders identified? How interesting or difficult is the problem being challenged? Is there a clear motivation for solving this problem?
  • Solution Design & Viability
    Is the solution creative and novel? Does it approach a new problem or an old problem in a new way? Is the solution responsible and ethical? Does it consider policy or other factors that might affect its implementation?
  • Solution Implementation
    Does the prototype/solution function well, or is it immediately actionable? Is the implementation developed with the engineering/design process in mind?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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